Restoring A Leather Alexander Wang Handbag To Its Original Condition


This week we had the pleasure of restoring a gorgeous, green leather Alexander Wang handbag in dire need of a clean up. Our expert team removed heavy stains, coated the exterior, and refinished the leather to its original, supple condition. 

Before Restoration:


Heavy dark staining. Not sexy. 
The leather is worn and dry, and the color is dull.

GreenBagDirt2Small (1).jpg

Another heavy stain on the opposite side...
Too damaged to restore? We think not!

After Meurice Restoration:


A fully-restored Alexander Wang bag, looking as beautiful as ever. 


We completely lifted all stains, and revitalized the color.
The leather is as smooth and supple as when it left the shop.


Don't give up on your old investment pieces!
Call Meurice to have your leather bag professionally restored.


At Meurice, we take absolute pride in restoring designer pieces back to their original condition. If you have a leather handbag or purse you'd like to restore, give us a call at 800.240.3377.
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