Bringing a Vera Wang Bridal Gown Back To Life


We recently had an unhappy wedding gown preservation client who spent a fortune at another specialist to have her gown preserved after her wedding two years ago. Unfortunately, the wedding preservation specialist did not do a proper job and the gown came out stained and almost beyond repair.

Luckily, our team was able to not only save and restore the gown, but bring it back to it's original brilliant condition. 



As you can see, there were extensive "oxidized" stains from clear champagne that was never properly cleaned. 


This is an extremely common occurrence with wedding gowns. The stains were invisible at first, but they oxidized to what you see here. 



This Vera Wang wedding gown was truly a work of art.


Our technicians spent hours cleaning the delicate lace, making sure to preserve the original luster.


The finished product. Our client was extremely happy to have her wedding gown safe for memorabilia.

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