We work our magic again — Suede Upholstery


Meurice Garment Care is a family-owned garment care specialist. We've been cleaning upholstery in NYC for over 50 years. We're passionate about quality craftsmanship and enjoy sharing our knowledge with our readers. 


Last Thursday, I took a call from a woman who was inquiring about cleaning a suede couch and two suede club chairs. Light in color and in desperate need of cleaning, she said that several other suede/upholstery cleaning companies had looked at them and said they couldn’t be saved.  Just like that. “Can’t help you, lady,” is basically what they told her. “Can’t be done.”

This kind of attitude—take the easy job, turn down the challenge—annoys me.  It annoys me, that is, except when it presents me with an opportunity to clean up the messes other people find too intimidating.  Why would anyone get into this business if they’re afraid of dirt?

Anyway, I told the woman I would help her with her suede couch cleaning.  Normally, I would quote a price range for this type of service and qualify the job, but something in this woman’s voice—not to mention her address—made it clear that we weren’t talking about furniture she had to put together herself with instructions written in broken English.  She was worried. And she was determined to save her suede. So I decided to head over and inspect the furniture myself.

After trying not to get distracted by the museum-quality artwork in this place—Picasso, anyone?—I got to work.  I went over the suede couch and chairs with everything but a microscope and explained the potential risks involved with this type of cleaning. I furnished the estimate, we got the contract, and the fun began.

I don’t do the actual work on most jobs, but this wasn’t just any job. I wanted this suede couch cleaning project to be perfect.  It was a test.  It was a test from the client and a test of my own capabilities.  So I rolled up my sleeves and headed straight for the lab.  This was going to be fun! (I told you, I love a challenge.)  It was like garment care forensics.

We worked a little of our patented Meurice magic and got the suede furniture clean. I can’t tell you how we actually cleaned this furniture.  You wouldn’t want to try this one at home, anyway.  I don’t even think I’d try this one on the Martha Stewart show, if I’m invited back for another appearance.

The house staff were so impressed with our work that they immediately offered up other challenges from around the apartment:  a silk and velvet couch cushion, disfigured from dog slobber; an 18th century suede covered bench; the draperies; fabric covered walls; bedspreads and tapestries.  There is much to be done in this home, and it seems clear to me that Meurice passed the first test.

We now have a list of new interior cleaning projects in this residence.  I’m grateful for their confidence, even if the remaining projects are a comparative walk in the park.  

Keep clean,
Wayne Edelman, President & CEO