Cleaning and Restoring A Moldy Leather Jacket


A couple weeks ago, a customer cleared out her storage unit and found her items extremely moldy. Her black leather jacket was not only covered in mold, but the water and humidity had caused shrinking and discoloration in the leather. She was about ready to throw it away, when a friend suggested she bring it to us for inspection. We promised we would get it back to its original condition, and fortunately we did. Not only was the jacket saved--it looked as good as it did when it came out the shop.





How To Clean Leather Mold 

For this jacket, used a “wet” cleaning process to remove mold. In the cleaning business, the general rule of thumb is to get stains out in the same manner they got in. Mold’s origins are from water, so dry cleaning alone would not suffice. We used special solvents and a dual cleaning process to first remove the mold, and then purify it from any potential spores or future mold. The jacket was then fitted back to its original shape, dried, colorized and moisturized to get it supple and smooth again.

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