Meurice Restores a 60-year-old Christening Gown


Meurice Garment Care is a family-owned garment care specialist. We've been restoring antique clothing and vintage clothes for over 50 years. We're passionate about quality craftsmanship and enjoy sharing our knowledge with our readers. 

Recently, one of our employees came into Meurice with a badly faded and yellowed christening gown. The gown was a treasured family heirloom last worn about 30 years ago, but was needed for an upcoming baptism! When removed from storage, unfortunately, the gown appeared a little worse for wear.

Before restoration:


Christening gown before restoration


Just look how yellowed these shoes are!


Particularly bad stain on the front!

This textile was in particularly poor shape when we first got it, and I wasn’t overly optimistic that it would hold up to restoration. But yet again, our restoration expert Santiago was able to work his magic and turned out an amazing gown. It almost looks like we bought a whole new one — I really can’t believe how vibrant and bright this gown is. Those stiff, faded shoes came out especially well.

After restoration:


Overview shot of restored gown and slip


Look how crisp and white this gown came out!


These accessories were the roughest of all before restoration, and they came out great! 

If you’re interested in having your vintage or antique gown restored, please send us an email or give us a call at 800.240.3377. We've worked on hundreds of restorations in the past, from 100 year old gowns to Princess Diana's dress collection.