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Our in-house experts have cleaned purses from Chanel, Alexander McQueen and Balenciaga for decades. We go further, infusing oil and dyes to keep your bag supple and maintain its rich color.

Our professional bag restoration can revive nearly any designer bag -- leather, suede, or otherwise. 

Whether the stain is caused by denim transfer, cosmetics, or everyday wear – our experts will restore your bag to its original condition and send it back to you refinished and restored. Repairs? Meurice can handle those, as well. 

Call us today to see how Meurice can revitalize your luxury investments. Not local to New York? - We can even send you a shipping label for your convenience.


My bag is very worn and has multiple stains. Can my bag be restored?

You would be amazed at some of the bags we've restored. Our skilled technicians take pride in their craft and specialize in taking the most worn and stained bags back to their original condition. Click here to see a sample of our work.

What should I expect during a restoration procedure?

Meurice does everything from minor repairs, such as spot cleaning, seam stitching, and leather moisturizing, to major repairs like fabric restoration, repainting, color matching. Our expert Hassan painstakingly matches your bag's original color. Click here to see the outline of our entire process, from start to finish.